People need hope, and we cannot stop serving them. Our ministry gives people knowledge and understanding, but also hope and vision. We decided to make some changes to our methods and improve some of our ministries.

As a hope and vision resource, Miras has some new plans:

  • We are preparing audio articles from our magazine that are specifically about hope. We will show people God’s goodness in this crisis. We say loudly that there is still salvation from all the burdens of this world. Our articles will be online in Turkish language in a week.
  • We will publish a few older issues of Miras magazine in PDF-form as gifts.
  • Gökhan Talas, founder of Miras Publishing Ministries, is preparing a TV program with church and ministry leaders in video chatting format. This program will respond to many serious questions about hopelessness, God’s role in crisis, and answers of Christian theology.
  • We are still working on our printed materials. The magazine will continue, but we need postpone for a month because of official limitations.
  • Our seminars were postponed too. But we are working on webinars about “What is the role of science in our lives” and “How Christianity can respond to vital questions from scared people.”

By Gökhan Talas, founder of Miras Publishing Ministries in Turkey

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