covering COVID-19 in Pakistan

Amna Ali Alpiyal is a freelance journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. She has been covering COVID-19 focusing on the various aspects of the pandemic with an aim to inform the community.

She shared with us about the state of the pandemic in the country’s capital where she resides.

“The situation of coronavirus is under control in Islamabad. The city’s local administration is dealing with the situation wisely and steps taken by them are much appreciable,” she said.

Amna usually reports on the Election Commission of Pakistan, parliamentary affairs committees, politics and social activities. But covering COVID-19 has been a bit of a challenge for her.


Amna informed us that the capital has so far recorded over 115 cases. However, she has recently moved to her hometown and has been reporting the situation there. When she was earlier covering the pandemic in Islamabad, she ensured the use of protective gear.

“When I covered COVID-19 on the ground such as in hospitals and markets, I used gloves, masks to cover my face, and hand sanitizer. I did so, particularly because I’m not (working) with any organisation, and have not received personal protection equipment, which has been given by the government for media personnel,” she said.

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