As an employee, it can be tricky to have a respectful yet collaborative relationship with your boss. And as a boss, it can be just as tricky to figure out how to treat the people working for you. How much authority and freedom to you give?

These are three questions every employee wants answered, whether he or she expresses it or not:

1. “What do you want me to do?”
Employees need to have a decent understanding of why they are needed, and what they need to do. Reevaluate your job descriptions and make sure it clearly defines what you you expect from them. Download a free Job Description exercise, with an example.

2. “Will you give me what I need to do the job?”
The benefit of hiring for character over training, is you will have hardworking employees, that are willing to learn. However, they might require training to perform better at their hired job. You might need to invest in training conferences, live workshops, or online courses to invest in your staff. (MTI has several free training options available–check them out!)

3. “Will you tell me how I am doing?”
Evaluation is key to growth and improvement. Every evaluation needs to start with effective performance goals: what do you want them to do, when should it be done? Then, sit down with your staff members and identify areas of strength, and areas that need improvement. After the meeting, set new goals for the future evaluation based on these observations. Download a free Self-Evaluation exercise.


When do you feel valued at your job? Is there anything that could improve your relationship with your employees/employer?


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