safety protocols

This resource offers a tool for news organizations to adopt safety protocols that respond to the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The document seeks to empower commissioning editors to improve and adapt safety practices so the pandemic is covered professionally and in a way that minimizes risk.

This document pays special attention to working with freelancers, including best practices around key issues like accreditation, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), insurance and expenses. In addition, you may wish to consult the Freelance Journalist Safety Principles, a set of safety practices for news organizations and freelancers.

If you already had safety protocols in place before the crisis broke, you don’t need to recreate these but it is perhaps a good moment to review, adapt and expand what you have in place. If you don’t have safety procedures in place, now is the time to develop them. Prioritizing safety is a need, not an option.

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