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A new survey from BlueToad, a leading content experience platform, illustrates consumers’ changing magazine habits due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. As consumers are self-isolating and looking to their trusted brands for content, this survey highlights their concerns with receiving mail and deliveries and a burgeoning demand for digital content.

The survey looked at people’s habits when it comes to magazines and how those habits have changed since the spread of COVID-19 and the start of social distancing.

Highlights of the survey include:

— 77% of people are concerned about themselves or their family’s safety when handling mail or other deliveries — 70% of people reported similar concerns when reading a delivered print magazine, journal, catalog or newspaper — 53% of people now want to hear more from the brands they trust during these uncertain times — 54% of people are more likely to consume digital content over print while practicing social distancing

“The results of this survey show that the spread of the coronavirus is making consumers nervous when handling mail and other items that are delivered to them,” said Paul DeHart, CEO of BlueToad. “While print remains very relevant both now and long term, publishers must acknowledge the fact that consumers are perhaps more than ever leaning on other perceived safer, digital ways to consume content and connect with brands.”

This data builds on a recent BlueToad survey conducted in mid-February that revealed 75% of people already read magazines digitally, with 42% saying they read digital magazines once a week to a few times a week. This data confirms consumer interest in digital magazines before the spread of COVID-19 and, when combined with the latest survey results, demonstrates that demand for digital might be at an all-time high as people are practicing social distancing.

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