The world is awash in crises of every kind, from the refugee crisis to earthquakes to terrorism and economic collapse. People are buffeted on all sides by often false and ungodly messages.

In this environment, Christian publishers have a responsibility to discover and publish the truth and to try to mold the opinion of their readers. Christian publishers can report honestly on the conflict, provide practical help in dealing with the ramifications of the conflict, and present a biblical perspective on the crisis.

However, they can do this only if writers and editors have the necessary training to report safely, accurately, and responsibly in the midst of chaos and to evaluate and process often conflicting information.

For this reason, MTI has decided to offer a Crisis Publishing Initiative: Professional Training in Covering Crises Oct. 15-18, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany, or Budapest, Hungary.

The purpose of the conference is 1) to provide practical help to writers, editors, and publishers in covering crises and communicating truthfully and fairly to their readers, offering a biblical perspective and suggesting a path forward; and 2) to provide solid information on a series of crises with which publishers worldwide must deal.

MTI is currently looking for international partners to co-sponsor the institute.

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