Do you struggle to turn visions for your magazine into a real plan of action? Moving from dreams to reality is often where people get hung up. According to the article “Business Plan Toolbox: Business Planning with Accountability” by Stephie Althouse, most companies face these common obstacles:

  1. There is a significant skill gap between the company’s core expertise and the ability to convert that expertise into money.
  2. Many visionary founders find building and running a team challenging.
  3. The core expertise lives only in the brain/s of one or a few key people.
  4. High-expertise leaders often prefer to do the work themselves instead of delegating it to others.
  5. Investment monies are difficult to impossible to get due to lack of scalability.

In her article, she offers solutions to each of the obstacles, including finding accountability to carry them out. Some ways to the create the accountability needed include:

  • Involving your team in creating the business plan.
  • Treating the plan as a living, breathing document.
  • Agree on an accountability SYSTEM with your team and follow through.
  • Define “Success Behaviors” that support you and your team in using the accountability system and have a thriving and fulfilling experience in your work (and life) – we will talk about that in the next article.

Continue reading to discover Althouse’s plans for accountability to make your dreams a reality.

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