COVID-19 has just been a reminder to rekindle the passion we had from the inception of our ministry, Hope Community Action Africa, where family was emphasized.

Because the official ministry magazine print version had to be skipped, I started a personal blog,, to communicate the need to have faith through this trying season. I am writing weekly.

On May 5, Uganda allowed factories and wholesalers to reopen, but extended the lock-down for 14 days. On May 6, our board reviewed our mission and strategy, not only for the COVID-19 season which is temporary, but for the next season of our operations beyond lock-down.

We know well that if we follow that model from now on, we won’t be as broadly affected by short-term turbulence like what we’ve faced since March.

Now that there’s hope that the lock-down will be lifted soon, the blog is likely to shift focus to Hope Community Action Africa field programs for the rest of the year.

Emmanuel Manishimwe

Some of the ways we operate have changed during lock-down, including:

  • We have an opportunity to develop printed information tools as scheduled, since this does not require physical contact to be accomplished.
  • Since many of our local and international community are working from home, we hope we can have more volunteers for this.
  • The King’s Active Foundation UK is preparing Sports training resources. We have to develop the remaining part – integrated content. This content includes Life Skills, Career Motivation, Personal Hygiene and Environmental Health – resources that will help up to 10,000 young people per year in Uganda alone for 2020 and 2021.
  • We released a free Easter family devotional guide, since families may need these devotionals during this season more than ever before.
  • We can use advanced email applications and social media to work from home and save on administrative costs.

By God’s grace we are safe and healthy. Please pray for stable ministry growth despite the pandemic limitations. We need financial resources to run all our activities this year. Please pray that God may direct His people towards supporting our ministry locally and internationally.

We need to stay safe and compliant, and follow a Godly pathway to handling our emergency needs.

by Emmanuel Manishimwe, Hope Community Action Africa, Uganda

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