A growing list of internationally-known journalists, analysts, researchers, editors, and authors will speak at the Crisis Publishing Initiative Conference in June on topics as varied as worldwide refugee movements, religious persecution, human trafficking, the pandemic, war, terrorism, and the explosion of the orphan population, among others.
Join Magazine Training International and Christians in publishing from around the world in Mundelein, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, on June 26-29. You will receive professional training in covering the crises that threaten your community and the world. Learn more

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Session speakers

Dr. Miriam Adeney is a professor at Seattle Pacific University.
Kent Annan is the director of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership.
Asif Aqeel is a Pakistani newspaper journalist and correspondent for World Watch Monitor.
Jamie Aten is the founder of Humanitarian Disaster Institute.
Joseph Benjamin is publisher of Gujarati Christians in India.
Julia Bicknell is the co-founder of World Watch Monitor.
Jayson Casper is a journalist in Lebanon.
Dr. Anita Deyneka is a missionary and director emeritus of the board of Mission Eurasia.
Sonnie Gitonga is the founder and director of Scars to Stars Foundation in Kenya.
Palmer Holt is the founder and CEO of InChrist Communications.
Bob Klamser is the executive director of Crisis Consulting International.
Dr. Sandra Morgan is the director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice.
Heather Pubols is editor of Evangelical Missions Quarterly and the founder of le Motif.
Gökhan Talas is the founder of Miras Publishing Ministries in Turkey.
Jeremy Weber is director of CT Global.

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