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In a time of turmoil and great financial need worldwide — our publishers need us and we need you!

During the pandemic, Magazine Training International continues to provide training and resources to Christian leaders in less-resourced countries. Their readers need the message of Christ now more than ever; but distribution during a pandemic is challenging. We encouraged the magazine publishers we work with to find creative ways to continue their ministry–and they delivered!

Your gift helps them impact their countries for Christ through their magazines–and through the new creative outreach opportunities they discovered during the pandemic.

Please sign up for automated monthly giving and become a sustaining donor. If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly gift, make a one-time donation today. We appreciate your generosity and value your partnership in the ministry of Magazine Training International.

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Francis Ayieko, The Shepherd, Kenya

Francis began digitally distributing magazine articles on their website. During the first week, their website traffic grew by over 600%. He said, “I read the COVID-19 articles on MTI’s website. They are very informative…Keep it up.”

Sally Isáis, Prisma, Mexico

Faced with the inability to offer the on-location workshops that Sally planned for her writers, she decided to get the information to her writers in a new format with a six-session online course in Spanish. She said, “Thank you and congratulations for your continued work in this field. You are truly amazing.”

Gökhan Talas, Miras, Turkey

Gökhan began a TV program via Zoom answering major questions about the spiritual side of the pandemic. He also gave away a PDF issue of the magazine, and recorded some articles as audio files to help people to learn and be encouraged by the Word of God.

Lara Odebiyi, Dabira, Nigeria

Lara hosted a two-day, live-streaming conference “Dabira Women Conference 2020: Thriving in Uncertain Times.”

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