A new partnership between Magazine Training International (MTI) and Evangelical Press Association (EPA) will benefit Christian magazine publishers by making the resources of MTI more readily accessible and introducing publishers to EPA’s vast domestic network.

As ministry partners with EPA, MTI now offers a 40% discount on training resources for EPA members and the opportunity to participate in six live workshops a year on timely topics related to magazine publishing.

MTI offers an extensive online training program, including e-books, live workshops, video training sessions, and online trainer-led courses. The discounted training materials include manuals and DVD courses.

“This is such a natural connection,” says Lamar Keener, president of EPA. “It should have been done years ago. There is so much [MTI] offer[s]. I only want our relationship to get stronger moving forward.”

EPA will be a contributing sponsor to MTI’s bi-monthly live workshops. EPA members will be able to participate in these valuable training opportunities for free.

“We’ve been close associates for decades,” says MTI President Sharon Mumper. “This new partnership will strengthen our ties to the Evangelical Press Association and will formalize the relationship. I hope that EPA’s members will be able to take advantage of our resources more fully than ever before.”

by Jennifer Howard, communications director

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