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I lost a job two decades ago and a journalism professor friend of mine suggested I offer my services to Magazine Training International (MTI). I called MTI President Sharon Mumper and she said I could help as a trainer in the Philippines—but the travel expense was on me. Eventually I found another job, but in the meantime I taught for a week in Manila and later in Nairobi. What a thrill.

Working with Christian writers and editors from points east to west and in the south remains a career highlight.

That’s me, but I need to tell you about the MTI audiences.

For years Sharon and her talented staff have created incredible online helps on all aspects of publishing for the Kingdom. She supplements the online courses with guest speakers who teach a session here and there. All gratis. Coupled with that content are the guest columns published online and the highly-sophisticated newsletter that subscribers like you and me receive.

I suspect if Sharon had made this a for-profit business, she’d be flush. As it is, she has dedicated her life to giving new writers, editors and publishers from less-resourced countries inexpensive access to valuable publishing tools.

And it’s all to advance the Kingdom of God.

For a few years I served on the MTI board and as a trainer huddled with talented believers who sawed and hammered and sanded ideas until they were ready for distribution. The work is important. While it is unclear how effective the printed and published word is to moving readers to a closer relationship to Jesus the Christ, the ideas have power—perhaps even the power to point someone to eternity.

Words, strong words, inspiring words, truthful words are what is behind the ministry of Magazine Training International.

I am honored to be on the bench of MTI and to be an MTI friend. Magazine Training International blesses so many with its words that make up the swirling broth of meaningful ideas.

As you plan your year-end gifts for ministry, please consider the selfless work of MTI and help it to continue flourishing.


Michael Ray Smith

MTI trainer and ardent MTI fan

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Magazine Training International’s mission is to encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.