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How do you convince college students in India to travel to remote villages to share the gospel? Touch their lives with the truth of God’s love for them and then put resources into their hands that inspire them to leave their comfort zones! That’s the mission Jason Prince Victor takes on every day as the editor of Blessing Youth Magazine in India. The magazine works for revival among the youth of India and evangelism through the youth.

Jason came to Christ as a college student through the ministry of Blessing Youth Ministry and now serves as the editor of the magazine. However, his degree is in civil engineering and he had no previous experience in publishing when assigned this role as editor. Jason began taking online classes from MTI in 2015 and attended a training conference in 2016. Through this training he learned how to manage the magazine and make it a tool that God can use among the youth.

The ministry leaders recently recognized the impact of the changes Jason is making. As readers interact with the quality content of the magazine, more are volunteering to become missionaries to take the gospel to remote villagers in the Indian countryside. God is multiplying the effort of the magazine team, by sending more workers into the field. “We believe that by God’s grace and with MTI’s help we are taking these steps for the benefit of His Kingdom,” Jason said. “All glory to Him!”


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