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By Ken Gosnell, CEO Experience

Employees enjoy hearing praise from their leaders, and those who are recognized are more likely to be productive and satisfied at work. According to Gallup’s research, “Only 41% of employees strongly agree that they know what their company stands for and what makes it different from competitors.”

A concern that I find leaders and companies often struggle with is how to enable their employees to produce great work. Great companies produce great work. Their leaders select people who focus on making the right actions that will achieve goals and produce results.

American writer and philosopher Elbert Hubbard once wrote, “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” Every day provides an opportunity to do good work. However, many people waste their days at work producing nothing of value, therefore missing out on opportunities to leave a legacy.

1. Some people think that their work is not important. 

When an employee believes this, this is an attitude of avoidance that must be redirected.

Many people get used to doing the same tasks repeatedly. They never look beyond their current reality to see the possibilities of other work they could complete. It is the employee’s responsibility to learn the “why” behind the tasks they are to accomplish.

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