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Practice Discernment in your Christian Publishing Business


Date: May 13
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Is your magazine a business or a ministry? It’s both! Discover how to balance your publishing responsibilities with your faith as a Christian. God invited you to accomplish his plans and participate in his work of nourishing his people and building up his church, and not vice versa. You can successfully run a Christian publishing business by using discernment to know when to lead and when to be led; how to understand your calling; how to measure your performance as a leader; and where to get wisdom in starting, sustaining, or expanding your publishing venture.

In this free online workshop, Alex Yefetov, publisher for NARD Publishing Group, will discuss how to hear God’s voice amidst routine tasks, withstand the present-day challenges of publishing, run your business with God’s guidance, and avoid burnout but still remain open to new opportunities. Alex will share some lessons learned in his 20 years of involvement in Christian media projects.

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Alex Yefetov, publisher for NARD Publishing Group in Ukraine, is currently working on a number of publishing and media projects in editorial marketing, consulting, management, and team training. He has been involved in media and publishing since 1995, and management and consulting since 1997. Alex has an international publishing background and experience in successful start-ups and re-launches of publications. He specializes in strategic planning, multimedia, and community building with emphasis on print/online solutions. He previously worked as editorial director for business development at SoftPress Publishing and publisher and editor-in-chief at Christianity magazine. Alex served as a trainer at an MTI conference in India in 2012, and is an MTI live workshop presenter.