Daniela Encheva, editor of Lia magazine in Bulgaria is not playing it “safe…”

Instead, Lia magazine reaches women with the pure testimonies of divine intervention in the lives of believers. Each issue presents biblical perspectives on topics that are not discussed even in churches: divorce, nudity, adultery, romance and other difficult issues. And yet, because this is what the women of Bulgaria need to hear, God has blessed Lia’s ministry for 20 years.

In 1997, Daniela attended a Magazine Training International conference on training writers. She recalls speaking to Sharon Mumper, president of MTI, about starting a magazine for Bulgarian women. How would they raise the money needed to start the magazine? Sharon suggested asking Bulgarian women for the money. Impossible! The economy was still in turmoil after the fall of communism. Daniela knew that most women didn’t have much, if any, disposable income. However, Sharon insisted that if the women wanted the magazine, they would take the rings off their fingers to help start it. Finally, Daniela and the staff decided to do just that. In meetings with women across the country, they shared the vision of a magazine just for them and the women responded.

Over the next few years, staff members attended more courses on business, design and editing. The Lia team also developed a program for training Bulgarian women to write for the magazine, so that the magazine would have quality content for years to come.

Lia is a part of the ongoing ministry of Mission Possible Bulgaria which among other important ministries conducts restoration conferences for women at risk. Many come to the conferences burdened by the traumatic events in their past, but find hope and healing in Christ.

Lia staff members also partner with local Bulgarian churches to provide an evangelistic outreach for women in their communities. The team plans a high tea event where women receive encouragement from special speakers, spend time praying for each other, and enjoy fellowship and a lovely meal with other women.

All of this is for one purpose: That Christ will be glorified and that women who haven’t heard the gospel yet will have the opportunity to meet Him. Daniela and her team especially hope that Muslim women, bikers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and the seriously ill in the hospitals find Christ in the pages of Lia. Jesus didn’t play it safe. That truth inspires Daniela and her team to continue to reach out to women in difficult circumstances.


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