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Reminder: Reinforcing Company Core Values Is Key

Creating company core values is no easy feat. It takes hours, days, months or even (for the real overachievers out there) years to develop the perfect combination of words that defines your organisation’s value set.

Once developed, they are typically rolled out with much fanfare. The company core values are uploaded to “About Us” pages of the website, shared with the team at kick-off meetings and screen-printed on the halls that lead to your Human Resources department. These efforts are all worthy, but the action punch list should not end there.

In fact, your rollout initiative of the company core values has only just begun. Continuous reinforcement of your company core values is the secret sauce that locks down their ultimate success.

Why Reinforcing Company Core Values Is Essential To Their Success:

  • Think of it like a sales funnel – Just like marketing your product or service to your customer requires multiple touchpoints to convert the sale, your company core value message needs to be pushed out in multiple formats to gain the buy-in among your workforce.
  • Think of it like a training program – A communication plan that gets new employees up to speed quickly ensures alignment as your team grows.
  • Think of it like a boost to your recruiting plan – The global workforce is more competitive than ever, and finding top talent is a pervasive challenge for businesses worldwide. Add to that a millennial workforce that seeks out positive culture (even over top pay packages) in the places they work, and you’ve got even more reason to do whatever it takes to get your company core values operating on all cylinders.
  • Think of it like a compass – In today’s fast-paced world of business where competitive landscapes morph and customers grow increasingly demanding, your company core value statement is a compass to what your organisation stands for.

A Step By Step Guide To Company Core Value Reinforcement:

  • Start at the top. As the owner or C-suite level executive at your company, you likely have little day-to-day interaction with your customer-facing workforce. Their direct managers are the ones that set the tone, motivate them, train them and create their true work environment. Reinforcing your company core values with the management team is mission-critical to success.

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