publishing during crisis

We recognize that being a journalist in crisis situations of all kinds is challenging, dangerous, and fulfilling. A few years ago we hosted the first Crisis Publishing Initiative to give you resources, information, and encouragement as you publish your magazine during crises — from pandemics to war, famine, and persecution. Here is a list of the topics that were covered. We hope these are a blessing and a valuable resource for you.

  • Photo Story: The Art of Visual Narrative
  • Leadership Principles for Transformational Journalism
  • Photographing Crisis
  • Covering the Refugee Crisis (Respectfully)
  • Migration–Crisis or Opportunity?
  • Where is God in the Crisis?
  • Global Trends in Religious Liberty
  • Secondary Trauma: When Stories Hurt
  • Stay Safe in a Dangerous Situation Without an Expensive Security Apparatus
  • If it Bleeds, it Leads — Or is There a Better Way?
  • Exploding the Myths–the Journalist in the fight against Human Trafficking
  • Covering Disasters: Rethinking Large-scale Trauma
  • A Voice for the Suffering Church
  • The Future of Migration: Prepare for Both the Expected and the Unexpected
  • Coaching Through Crisis
  • Reporting on Ethnic Conflicts
  • How to Leverage Scarcity
  • Moving Beyond the Who, What, When, Where, and Why in Reporting
  • Reporting Under Pressure
  • Reporting on Natural Disaster
  • Harnessing Social Media and Video
  • Understanding the Middle East

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