Christians in Pakistan

The Christian community, especially journalists, of Pakistan need a voice amidst oppression. Victor Iqbal, the editor of the Daily Kundan newspaper, founded the Christian Journalists Association of Pakistan (CJAP) in answer to this need.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the downsizing of several media outlets, Victor began contacting Christian journalists who worked in print and digital media. They shared the struggles of discrimination in the newsroom and in the field.

Victor also observed crises among the Christian community including child kidnapping, forced marriage, blasphemies, employment discrimination, and more. In order to gain support for those affected by these crises, Victor used print and social media. He worked with several Christian journalists in an effort to raise their voices in protest and explain what is happening in their community.

Of the Christian journalists working in various secular media outlets, 150 are members of CJAP.

It’s not just the Christian community of Pakistan that is struggling, but many of the members of CJAP as well. They have difficulty providing for themselves, and paying for food, housing, school fees, etc.

CJAP doesn’t have the office space or financial resources to make these goals happen, but Victor is determined to offer care and support to these Christian journalists. He partnered with some local businessmen in an effort to provide CJAP members with groceries. So far, he’s been able to deliver groceries twice, but he is working towards providing a grocery package each month to those members in need until they financially stable and able to further educate their children.

To help support CJAP and its Christian journalists in need, please contact them.

Photo by Shamsher Ali Niazi on Unsplash

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