COVID-19 cases per million

Although the situation is fluid, the countries worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are by now well known. How does this look though when accounting for population size?

Using Johns Hopkins University and World Bank figures, this infographic takes countries with a population of at least four million and over five thousand confirmed cases and calculates the rate per one million inhabitants. Using this measure, Kuwait has the most severe rate with 8,010 cases, followed by Chile and Singapore. The United States, now approaching two million total cases, is fifth with 6,052 per million people.

Of course, the number of actual cases in a country is going to be higher than official figures show, with testing rates also varying dramatically. As with all figures relating to confirmed cases, they should be treated with caution.

Infographic: COVID-19 Cases per Million Inhabitants: A Comparison | Statista


This chart shows the confirmed COVID-19 cases per one million population.

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by Martin Armstrong, Statista

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