covering COVID-19 in Australia

Sophie Cousins is a freelance journalist and a CFWIJ fellow. She usually reports on developments in South Asia and the Middle East, but has been in Australia during the coronavirus outbreak. For the past eight years of living and working abroad, she describes coming back to Australia- her home country – as a “whirlwind”. Sophie has recently received a grant from the National Geographic Society to report on how Indigenous communities across the country are protecting themselves against COVID-19.

“In many ways I feel that I am a visitor in my own country because I have been away for so long… I have found people to be very open to speaking with me,” she said, when talking about reporting on COVID-19 from Australia regarding the Indigenous communities.

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Sophie is a health journalist, so reporting on COVID-19 is not different for her. However, what she finds contrasting is the fact that fast things are moving. Therefore, instead of getting caught up in the news cycle, she is focusing on the long-term impact of COVID-19.

According to Sophie, Australia has fared well in controlling the novel Coronavirus, as the country might ease up the restrictions imposed.

“Unlike some other countries, Australia put medical experts at the center of the response and chose to protect people over the economy. There’s less than 7000 confirmed cases in the whole country. Statistics are updated every day while the premier of New South Wales (NSW), the state I’m currently in, gives media briefings every day,” she informed CFWIJ.

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