uphill task

A task that needs to be done

You feel the burden of the Owner

Many may not find it interesting

But you still feel the burden

Some may start and quickly fall out

But the work needs to be done

The Master keeps calling

Calling to those who will respond

Who will do it?

Who will keep doing it?

Who will keep on when others have stopped

For there are many waiting

For the message you carry

The message keeps burning in you but

You pray and try to wish it away

Yet, it never goes away

No other voice could quiet it

There is a call. A voice keeps calling

Calling for someone to care

To send out the message

A message of Hope to those waiting

Waiting to hear what is real and true

Will you be the one?

Will you keep moving?

Will you keep writing?

Will you keep sending?

Sending out a good message

You have said yes!

You cannot stop!

You have been equipped

Magazine Training International has worked

The team has worked to bring

Capacity and inspiration.

So keep moving, keep going

“For the Lord gave the word

And great is the company

of those who proclaimed it.”

by Rev. Prof. Ivy Drafor-Amenyah, a participant in the 2022 Introduction to Magazine Publishing Course in Ghana

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