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Poland’s communist government had fallen, society was in turmoil, and families were under attack in 1994 when Alina Wieja determined to take a stand.

She would start a Christian magazine which would deal head-on with the issues faced by Poland’s families. But, how to begin? She and the few people with whom she shared her vision had no publishing experience. It was then she heard of plans for a conference for Christian magazine editors and publishers in Poland.

She and her fledgling team attended Magazine Training International’s (MTI) intensive 10-day training and a short time later Nasze Inspiracje (Our Inspirations) was born. What started as an “impossible” dream would go on to become a premier Christian magazine in Poland, which continues to minister to families in a 76-page full-color quarterly format.

A now experienced editor Alina was ready to teach others and the woman who with trepidation and excitement had attended her first MTI conference in her own country, was asked to teach an MTI editing course in Slovakia in 2004.

But a successful magazine touching the lives of thousands of families in Poland is not the end of the story. The woman who started Our Inspiration had a young daughter who was watching her mother’s struggles and successes as an editor. Would she also enter the fray? Not likely, she decided.

Nevertheless, six years later, a teenaged Estera attended an MTI writing course with her mother. A seed was planted in her heart during that week as Estera discovered her love of writing. A degree in communications and media in the United States was followed by a master’s degree from a Polish University.

On her return to Poland she served as managing editor for Nasze Inspiracje, working under her mother. But Israel beckoned and now Estera lives in Jerusalem, where she serves as Communications Director at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, editing their publications. Now an experienced editor, like her mother before her, she was ready to join a team of editors to teach an MTI editing course in Manila.

One woman took a step of faith to start a magazine for families in Poland. Now, because of her faithfulness, more than twenty years later, Christians on two continents are receiving information and encouragement through both her ministry and her daughter’s.

The Wieja family continues to serve God in publishing, proclaiming truth to future generations in Poland and Israel.

“Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever, from generation to generation we will proclaim your praise.” Psalm 79:13


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