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Rusty Wright and MTI partner to help fulfill a monumental vision

If one of your life’s objectives was to help influence a billion people worldwide for Jesus, could you do it? For Rusty Wright, founder of Rusty Wright Communications (RWC), this is not a hypothetical question. In fact, it is one of his life’s main objectives; and with the help of Magazine Training International (MTI), he is faithfully pursuing that goal.

Rusty believes that Christian publishers can spread God’s word by training readers and writers to reach nonbelievers the world over. While he continues to publish outreach content for nonbelievers, he realizes that “Likely many more people can be influenced via the ripple effect through the people that I train alongside of MTI.”

MTI’s mission to “help Christian magazine publishers share Christ in every culture” fits right into his vision. As believers sharpen their communication skills, they can determine how nonbelievers think and feel, in order to create the appropriate communication strategies and content. By training writers and publishers, he can help them touch lives that he cannot.

While the RWC ministry emphasizes both outreach and training, its website’s focus is outreach resources, for secular media gatekeepers for their secular audiences. It would be inappropriate to include evangelism training resources there. However, he can put RWC training resources on MTI’s website, where believers who can benefit from those resources can access them.

“MTI with its godly, dedicated, skilled, visionary staff and board has been a big answer to our prayers for seeing RWC’s impact grow,” he notes.

Rusty has written numerous blog posts as well as taught two online workshops with MTI: “Influencing non-Christians for Christ through your writing” and “Finding common ground with skeptics”. MTI’s international reach and professional webinar hosting makes it possible for Rusty to reach publishers with whom he would normally never have contact. He loves the fact that MTI connects him with Great Commission-oriented Christian communicators around the globe.

Rusty says, “I could sit in my office and MTI helped me touch lives all over the world. I felt like we light some Gospel fires.”

Rusty is an award-winning author, lecturer, journalist, and syndicated columnist. His material in any of 14 different languages has been used by more than 2,000 websites, and he has spoken on six continents worldwide.  In his ministry at RWC, he focuses on outreach and training, communicating the gospel and spiritual truth to nonbelievers, and training Christian communicators to do the same.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Duke and a Master of Theology from Oxford.

by Christine McKnight, Magazine Training International

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