You love your job – but working long hours and putting in intense effort year after year is starting to take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being. By prioritizing work-life balance, you can avoid getting burnt out and maintain your performance on the job. If you work at a publication, Magazine Training International can help your team become more productive and effective! Furthermore, here’s how to stick to a fitness routine, enjoy hobbies that have nothing to do with work, and more.

Carve out time for exercise

Even if your work schedule is packed, you can find opportunities to be physically active. For example, Polar recommends walking or biking for your commute, doing errands on foot, and scheduling quick workouts on your calendar the same way that you would schedule non-negotiable meetings.

If you want to keep up your motivation to exercise, invest in some comfortable workout attire! You might want to stock up on breathable t-shirts, socks that wick away sweat, and workout leggings, which can give you a wide range of motion. If you’re currently pregnant, pick out a pair of light-compression maternity workout leggings. 

Gardening for stress relief

Finding a hobby that is completely separate from your professional life can help alleviate your stress. For instance, gardening is great for your mental and physical health! Plus, you’ll be able to cook tasty meals with your homegrown fresh produce. If you’ve never planted a garden before and you don’t know where to begin, you can check out online resources like https://homegardenhero.com/ to browse detailed product reviews and helpful guides. 

Request to work from home

If you’re currently required to go into the office for work, talk to your supervisor about shifting to a fully remote arrangement or hybrid schedule in which you only have to come into the office one or two days per week. This will cut down on the time you spend commuting and free up hours in your schedule.

Delegate tasks

If you have a lot on your plate at work, find out if you could delegate any minor tasks to other employees. You might also be able to outsource certain tasks to freelancers or independent contractors if there is room in your department’s budget.

Set screen time limits

When you’ve just wrapped up a long day of work, it can be tempting to scroll on social media or binge-watch a TV series simply because activities like these don’t require much energy. But staring at screens isn’t truly relaxing, and scrolling endlessly can leave you feeling drained and irritated. Instead, turn off your notifications at a certain time each day so that you can relax, enjoy screen-free activities like reading or yoga, and get a good night’s sleep.

Schedule “self-care days”

Try to designate a few hours per week as “self-care time,” and if you have the ability to block off a full weekend day for self-care, go ahead and do it! Your self-care days can include any activities that help you feel truly refreshed and energized for the days ahead. You might want to soak in a hot bubble bath with a DIY face mask, order takeout from your favorite restaurant and watch a funny movie that you love, or check out a cute coffee shop in your city.

Maybe you feel like you’re on the verge of burnout because your work schedule has become so demanding. You don’t have to fall into this rut. By prioritizing a fitness routine, choosing hobbies that take your mind off of work, and enjoying “self-care days,” you can find time to unwind.

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by Emma Grace Brown

Photo via Unsplash

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