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A digital edition of a magazine provides a wealth of ways in which you can interact with and attract readers. Use the latest tools to entice and wow your readership. While the task may seem daunting, with a little creativity and thought you will be able to improve your magazine’s presence and audience considerably.

Your publication can take advantage of the concept of continuous publishing and long after your readers have devoured your stories they can interact with your content and contribute to your success. Here are a few ways with which you can interact and improve your digital edition.

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1. Continuous publishing

This means that the articles and other content of your publication are set to be released digitally at different periods of time. For instance, you may have the main magazine edition published on a certain day of the month, with late breaking or additional stories coming out on a regular (or daily) basis. Continuous publishing also enables you to get stories out as they are actually happening.

2. Interactive content

Videos, photos, games and more can provide a better experience for your audience. Improve your digital magazine by offering more than just a weekly or monthly pdf edition. Let your readers catch a glimpse of staff and how the publication is put together through candid videos, photos, even instructional material about the topic of your publication.

Link to a game through a story about games – for instance, a crossword puzzle embedded in your website which your digital edition may also contain, but readers who fill it in online can submit it for accuracy checking in real time.

3. Format and design

Your digital magazine should be easy to open and read. Improve your digital magazine by ensuring that it is viewable on nearly every platform and electronic device.Mobile friendliness is important as this is where most people start when browsing for things to read. If your design is starting to look out of date or become difficult to load for your readers, then it is probably time to give it an update so that a new and modern look & feel keeps readers coming back and enhances your potential readership.

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by Luca Filigheddu, PaperLit

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