Six times a year we host live workshops on various aspects of magazine publishing including writing, editing, management, design, and digital publishing. Occasionally we throw in topics like how to prevent burnout that we know you need. While we would love for all of you to join us during the live session, we know that just isn’t possible so we record every session. You can watch any of them for free, any time you want. Just login to MTI Online and check out our library of free resources.

To date, there are 33 recorded workshops, including:

Cash Flow Projection: Planning for Success Kent Wilson
Upgrade Your Digital and Print Magazine Publishing Models John LaRue
Working with People Marcos Simas
Mission Drift: Protecting What Matters Most Chris Horst
Editorial Marketing in the Post-Truth Digital Era Alex Yefetov
Powerful Cover Design: Making Your Magazine Stand Out Anne Elhajoui
A Redesign Case Study: Christianity Today magazine Gary Gnidovic
Visual Storytelling: Using Comics in Your Publication Nate Butler
Magazine Design: Doing a Lot with Just a Little Rick Szuecs
Typography: The Essential Art for Great Design Anne Elhajoui
Publication Redesign: Strategies for Success José Reyes
Digital Media Trends and Business Models David Renard
How to Engage Your Audience in the Digital Space Debbie Bates
Moving to a Mobile Age: The Eight Things You Must Know Clyde Taber
Casting a Larger Net: Build Your Audience with Multiple Platforms Rick Edwards
Print to Digital: Thinking differently about the same story David Dixon
Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool that’s in Everyone’s Pocket Keith Williams, Brad Stoops
Structuring the Editorial Process Carla Foote
Advanced Editing Mark Galli
Dealing with Moral Issues in Publishing Marshall Shelley
Tools for editors Shibu Mathew
Selecting Manuscripts Sally Isais
Influencing non-Christians for Christ Through Your Writing Rusty Wright
Publicize Your Writing Online To Gain New Readers Michael Smith
Writing the Personal Experience Article Marlene Munar
Writing Features that Entertain, Delight, and, Sometimes, Inform Michael Smith
Conducting Effective Interviews DeWayne Hamby
Reporting in 2018: How to make sure your hard work actually gets read Jeremy Weber
Be Social Already! Using social media to increase your influence Marty Duren
Making Your Message Stick in an Infographic World Jon Hirst
Practices that Sustain us in the Long Journey Jedd Medefind
Preventing Burnout Susan Mathis
Axis: The One Conversation Model David Eaton

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