Here are 10 tips for leaders to help you as you strive to motivate yourself and your team.

  1. Tirelessly repeat the basics whenever and wherever you can

  • Mission – what we do
  • Vision – where we are going
  • Values – how we relate
  • Strategic directions or commitments – what is most important
  1. Maintain a clear focus

  • What we do and what we don’t do
  • Focus guides people’s attention
  • Mission
  • Publishing categories and lines
  1. Manage your environment

  • Your work environment comes out of your values (personal values and corporate values)
  • Physical environment
  • Relational environment
  • Spiritual environment
  1. Know yourself

  1. Never underestimate the power of food in the workplace

  • To feed the body, encourage the spirit and improve fellowship
  • The fuzzy line between work and play
  1. View yourself as a coach first

  • A coach is the best all-around analogy of a leader
  • Coaches define expectations, evaluate performance, encourage and give vision, and develop skills
  • Concerned about all spheres of life
  1. Lead like a steward entrusted with someone else’s property

  • Entrusted with people, finances, your mission, skilled authors, spiritual messages, etc.
  • A steward must feel comfortable with risk (Matthew 25:14-30).
  1. Take time to think

  • Schedule regular time away from the office to think, read and pray.
  • Practice “creative staring.”
  • Develop the spiritual discipline of retreat and solitude.
  1. Regular appointments with your direct reports are your most important commitments to them.

  • Meet individually regularly every week or month with each person who reports directly to you.
  • At these meetings discuss:
    • Problems they are encountering as they do their job
    • Encouragement or correction in how they are performing
    • Agree on priorities for the future
    • Is there anything I can do to help you?
  1. Other Insider’s Tips:

  • Failure is usually a better teacher than success. Occasionally share your own failures with others.
  • Keep your word. Create a fool-proof system to remind you of commitments you make, and then keep them.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Once in awhile ask your employees, “How are you really doing?”

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