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Almost a decade after the advent of the iPad, strategies for successful multi-platform magazine publishing are starting to sort themselves out and deliver measurable results. Here are Mequoda’s favorite digital publishing tips:

Digital publishing tips, strategy #1: Start with a subscription website. Depending on your goals, you can create one of three main archetypes, but at the very least, you’ll need a portal with SEO content to drive traffic, and a store to sell products to your visitors.

Digital publishing tips, strategy #2: Make sure your website is built to optimize the conversion of visitors to email subscribers with 3C zone architecture. This means having a free report for every category of your content, and collecting email addresses in return for those reports. Your email list consists of your most engaged, loyal fans, and they’re far more likely to buy your subscriptions and other products than random visitors.

Digital publishing tips, strategy #3: Send emails regularly to your subscribers, including both high-quality editorial and promotional content. Additionally, if you have a web library, we recommend sending library previews, an advertorial-style email that promotes premium content behind a metered paywall. Our clients are masters at this, right down to the time of day that they mail and the careful mixing of promotional content with aligned editorial content.

Digital publishing tips, strategy #4: Don’t forget your metadata. It’s not just your content that’s driving traffic: Google pays attention to your title tags and often your meta descriptions, too. Make sure your title is descriptive and optimized with keywords, but is not so long it will be truncated, preferably 20-66 characters. And descriptions that don’t appeal to searchers will leave them clicking on someone else’s content, no matter how well optimized or how high you rank.

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by Kim Mateus, Mequoda Publishing Network

Photo by James Tarbotton on Unsplash

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