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Do you know what the legal environment is like in your country for journalists? Resources for those in the media have long been available regarding Europe and North America, but KAS Media Africa just released two books on media law for Africa.

Journalists, broadcasters, and publishers can use this collection to know how to best cover an event. You no longer need to be unsure of the legal environment. Knowing your rights and the media law for your country is essential. A new resource is available for just that purpose.

Justine Limpitlaw’s four volume collection on Media Law for Africa describes the current state in 16 nations of Eastern and Southern Africa. This collection opens the door for writers and broadcasters to know what is expected by the courts and governments of African nations, and what reforms need to take place for further protection of the media in these countries.

The “Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa” (two volumes) and “Media Law in Southern Africa” (two volumes) are both available for free on the publisher’s website.

Learn more and download your copy here

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