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Zivot viry

Purpose: 1. To encourage the church to change the society through biblical values. 2. To promote unity among Christians across denominational boundaries. 3. To provide evangelical information service in Czech and Slovak Republics.

English Name: Life of Faith

KMS, Primatorska 41
Prague 8, 180 00

Country: Czech Republic

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Year Founded: 1990

Circulation: 1850

Audience: Evangelical and charismatic/pentecostal believers

Date Updated: 07/21/23


Telephone: +420-284-841-922

Contact Person: Tomas Coufal

Publisher: Christian Mission Society (Krestanska misijni spolecnost)

Number of Pages: 36 to 40

Format: A4

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Community, Evangelism

Audience: Christians

Language: Czech, Slovak