Vakaro žvaigždelė
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Purpose: For the 10th time in a quarter, we are publishing a musical-educational magazine for children “The Little Evening Star”. We print educational, cognitive articles, thinking tasks, recipes, handicrafts, etc. It is the only such magazine in Lithuania because it's supplemental to a musical compact disc, which contains fun songs and tales. Our motto is "To make children grow up", so we care about children! The main goal of this project is to disseminate the light of the Holy Word. Also we have radio programme The Little Evening Star” for children " since 2005 February. The main goal of this programme is to disseminate the light of Holy Word for children, to develop their morals, inspire positive thoughts and positive behaviour. We seek to stimulate children to respect their parents, teachers and people of honourable age.

  • English name: Little Evening Star
  • Address 1: Pylimo g. 20-10
  • City: Vilnius
  • State: LT
  • Postal Code: 01118
  • Country: Lithuania,
  • Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
  • Year founded: 2008
  • Circulation: 5000
  • Audience: pre-school and primary education children, families and educators
  • Date updated: 07/11/2019
  • Purpose: education, scripture teaching, spiritual growth,
  • Audience: children, parents,
  • Language: Lithuanian,