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Purpose: Ultimato Publishing House has been publishing the magazine for more than 50 years. Ultimato relates Scripture to Scripture and facts to Scripture. It intends to relate faith to works, theory to practice, evangelization to social service, prayer to work, conversion to behavior, sweat of today to the glory which is to come. Ultimato has been dedicated to evangelization and edification. We work to create a biblical mindset and teach the art of facing events from a Christian perspective.

English Name: Ultimatum

Rua A, 4 - Cidade Jardim
Vicosa, MG 36578-899

Country: Brazil

Region: Latin America

Year Founded: 1968

Circulation: 30,000

Audience: Christian leaders, church menbers, students

Date Updated: 10/09/23


Telephone: +55-31-3611-8500

Contact Person: Marcos Bontempo

Publisher: Editora Ultimato (Ultimato Publishing House)

Number of Pages: 68

Format: 8.3x11.7

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Purpose: Evangelism, Scripture Teaching, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, Church Leadership, Students, Youth

Language: Portuguese