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The Marketplace

Purpose: To help businesspeople and employees to apply their Christian faith to the world of work; provide a forum to examine business ethics; to promote MEDA's mission of creating business solutions to poverty; and the use of business resources to create economic justice for the poor

English Name: The Marketplace

100 S. Queen St. Suite 235
Lancaster, PA 17603-5368

Country: USA

Region: North America

Year Founded: 1980

Circulation: 4700 print, 7,000 digital

Audience: Entrepreneurs, farmers, anyone who is interested in working out the challenges of living out their faith in the workplace.

Date Updated: 06/03/24


Telephone: 1-800-665-7026

Contact Person: Mike Strathdee

Publisher: MEDIA

Number of Pages: 24

Format: 8.5 X 11

Frequency: Bimonthly

Purpose: Leadership, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Business Leaders, Christians, General, Men, Women

Language: English