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Signs of the Times

Purpose: To show our readers the potential of a life filled with joy and hope because of God. The magazine does not set out to convert, but provide readers with a valid alternative to live living as a Christian, and to develop a better understanding of God, through deeper Biblical knowledge.

English Name:

150 Fox Valley Road
Wahroonga, NSW 2076

Country: Australia

Region: Oceania

Year Founded: 1886

Circulation: 20,000

Audience: Adult seekers and new Christians who live in the major cities of Australia and New Zealand.

Date Updated: 04/03/18


Telephone: +612 9847 2222

Contact Person: Kent Kingston

Publisher: Adventist Media

Number of Pages: 64

Format: 13.5 x 19.8 cm

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Community, Healing, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians

Language: English