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Noyiv Kovcheg

Purpose: Noah's Ark was founded 1990, and 1990-2020 published in two versions - Ukrainian and Russian. Since 2021 till now we publish the Ukrainian version only . (Because of the russian invasion, most of people in our regions reject everything connected with culture from those who they consider as enemy)

Despite the fact that most of Ukrainians consider themselves "Christian", the statistics claim that the "Christianity" of the average child is connected to a large extent with pagan beliefs and rituals. Unfortunately, this kind of "cultural" or "pagan" Christianity is also contributed by modern media (magazines, computer games, and even school textbooks), full of various battles, competitions, defeats and victories between "evil" forces and " light ", etc. And from the very childhood children are immersed in this atmosphere of "pagan" Christianity. Noah's Ark can meet the needs of such children in the knowledge of God and true evangelical study on a regular basis (6 issues per year). In addition, some Ukrainian children do not have an idea about the Gospel and Jesus. This category is not so great, but the NA team has such kids in mind in the preparation of materials in such a way that children from this category could receive basic knowledge of the Gospel.

We have a special vision for the magazine content. Sometimes it seems to us, that we (adults) know what children are interested in, what is important to them, what and how we should say them, but often it turns out the opposite. Therefore, we believe that a children's magazine is not ours, adults, but their, kids' magazine, so we engage them to participate in the creation process, as much as possible, together with us. The cover represents a real child (from christian and non-believers families, from various countries all over the world) who tells his/her story starting on page 3 and continuing on penultimate page. Each issue includes Bible stories, comics, crafts, stories about animals, traveling around the world, health care for kids, puzzles, also may include poems, short fiction and true stories and artwork from kids, stories about their hobbies, tips on how to behave in a certain situation, experiments for physical science with explanation from christian perspective and applying Bible principles and more.

We keep publishing the magazine for kids Noah's Ark. Our executive editor Mary Levchenyk told me that she had a conversation with a volunteer who is involved in delivering humanitarian aid and Christian literature to people affected by war and orphans. During their discussion, the volunteer mentioned that Noah's Ark is the sole Christian magazine for kids that continues to be published even in the midst of war. Other publishers stopped publishing magazines, and the volunteers can get Children Bibles, some Christian literature for kids from Europe, and our magazine as offerings to the children in need.

English Name: Noah's Ark

P.O. Box 18
Dubno, 35604

Country: Ukraine

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Year Founded: 1990

Circulation: 7000

Audience: Pre-School-age children, School-age children

Date Updated: 07/27/23


Telephone: +38 (097) 613-9040

Contact Person: Viktor Kuzmenko

Publisher: The Friends Exist!

Number of Pages: 24

Format: 20 x 28 cm

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Purpose: Education, Parenting, Scripture Teaching

Audience: Children, Christians, non-Christians, Students

Language: Ukrainian