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Nashville Christian Family

Purpose: Nashville Christian Family magazine exists to help businesses and non-profit organizations grow through advertising and to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The publication is designed to provide Christians and the Community at large with ways to strengthen and grow in their Christian faith within the family, community, and business environment by featuring content designed to promote positive Christian living for people of all ages - promoting God’s Kingdom.

English Name: Nashville Christian Family

2801 Lafayette Drive
Thompsons Station, TN 37179

Country: USA

Region: North America

Year Founded: 2009

Circulation: 10,000 - 12,000 print; 25,000+ digital

Audience: The entire family, from children to grandparents

Date Updated: 10/09/23


Telephone: 615-815-8765

Contact Person: Robert Stringfellow

Publisher: Clarion Concepts

Number of Pages: 36

Format: Tabloid 10 x 12 in.

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Community, Evangelism, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Children, Christians, Elderly, Parents, Youth

Language: English