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Purpose: To encourage Christian women in their relationship with the Lord and their families and to give them the tools they need to raise their children, maintain healthy marriages, and to serve as a tool of evangelism.

English Name:

Dillerberg 1
Asslar-Berghausen, 35614

Country: Germany

Region: Western Europe

Year Founded: 1986

Circulation: 65,000

Audience: 20-65+ year old Christian women; wives and mothers, particularly who are hurting in some way, younger or older German-speaking, single, and non-christian women

Date Updated: 04/10/18


Telephone: +49 6443 6839

Contact Person: Ellen Nieswiodek-Martin

Publisher: Gerth Medien GmbH

Number of Pages: 84

Format: A4

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Community, Parenting, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, Parents, Women

Language: German