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Purpose: The only children's magazine in Macedonian. The longest-produced Christian magazine in the country.

English Name: Spring of Water (Well)

Bul. ASNOM 176-1/5
Skopje, 01000

Country: Macedonia

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Year Founded: 2002

Circulation: 1,000

Audience: Primarily unchurched children 7-12.

Date Updated: 04/25/23


Telephone: '+389-22-43-2600 or +389-70-25-2531 (mobile)

Contact Person: Pavle Kostadinov

Publisher: Child Evangelism Fellowship in Macedonia

Number of Pages: 28

Format: 19x24 cm

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Spiritual Growth

Audience: Children, non-Christians

Language: Macedonian