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Jae Magazine

Purpose: Jae Magazine is a niche publication on optimism available as a digital and print publication reaching unique consumers every month on multiple platforms in over five continents. It includes financial scriptures picked from a book of the bible each season, and includes excerpts from In Defense of Stillness, the world's largest scholastic compilation of full financial scriptures. Jae Magazine is also sold through a subscription gift box with fair labor items.

English Name: Jae "Happy" Magazine

PO Box 7611
Princeton, NJ 08543

Country: USA

Region: North America

Year Founded: 2015

Circulation: 500

Audience: Seekers, secular, saved and skeptics.

Date Updated: 09/02/16



Contact Person: Jae Elizabeth

Publisher: The Office of Author Jae Elizabeth

Number of Pages: 25

Format: 8.5x11

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Devotional, Scripture Teaching

Audience: Christians, non-Christians

Language: English