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Hope Community Action

Purpose: HCA Magazine is an annual publication of Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa. The magazine captures core events and messages of the year and documents them in a magazine form for its local and international community. The HCA magazine includes 7 core sections: Family, Children’s Rights and Protection, Leadership Development, Sports Ministry, ICT Empowerment, Research Digest. The Magazine empowers the community and the community is encouraged to actively interact with it for effective awareness.

English Name: Hope Community Action

Willis Road Namirembe
Kampala, 30421

Country: Uganda

Region: Africa

Year Founded: 2019

Circulation: 500

Audience: HCA Regional Community

Date Updated: 07/11/19



Contact Person: Emmanuel Manishimwe

Publisher: Hope Community Action Africa

Number of Pages: 32

Format: A4

Frequency: Annually

Purpose: Christian News, Community, Scripture Teaching, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, Church Leadership, Local

Language: English