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Faszination Bibel

Purpose: To awake new enthusiasm about the scripture teachings and to encourage to read the bible with a new and fresh point of view. Offering ancient and scriptural background information.

English Name: Fascination Bible

Bundes-Verlag GmbH, Bodenborn 43
Witten, 58452

Country: Germany

Region: Western Europe

Year Founded: 2010

Circulation: 18,000

Audience: Everyone who is looking for a new or deeper access to the Bible.

Date Updated: 07/21/23


Telephone: +49-2302-9309-3870

Contact Person: Dr. Ulrich Wendel

Publisher: SCM Bundes-Verlag

Number of Pages: 100

Format: A4

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Community, Scripture Teaching

Audience: Christians

Language: German