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Faith Today

Purpose: Canada’s Christian magazine. Understand your world better. Learn more about how other Canadian Christians are integrating faith in their daily lives. Become better connected with Canada’s four million Evangelicals. Expert research, practical how-to’s, opinions, reviews, news, interviews and more.

English Name: Faith Today

10 Huntingdale Blvd
Scarborough, Ontario M1W 2s5

Country: Canada

Region: North America

Year Founded: 1983

Circulation: 20,000

Audience: Evangelical Christians from Canada

Date Updated: 04/25/23



Contact Person: Bill Fledderus

Publisher: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Number of Pages: 64

Format: 8-1/8 x 10-7/8 inches

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Purpose: Christian News, Community, Scripture Teaching, Spiritual Growth, Testimonials

Audience: Christians, Local

Language: English