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Faith & Fitness Magazine

Purpose: We help readers make strong connections between the Christian faith and the fitness lifestyle. With God at the center, fitness becomes more robust and becomes transformed beyond physical benefits into spiritual outcomes. Faith & Fitness Magazine is your tool for powerful, healthy, and passionate living.

English Name: Faith & Fitness Magazine

PO BOX 492
Hayes, VA 23072

Country: USA

Region: North America

Year Founded: 2003

Circulation: Free online only. Est. 100,000 page views per month

Audience: All interested in Christ-centered fitness

Date Updated: 09/26/23


Telephone: 812-890-6234

Contact Person: Brad Bloom

Publisher: Lifestyle Media Group

Number of Pages: 20

Format: Digital

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Christian News, Community, Education, Healing

Audience: Christians, Men, Parents, Women

Language: English