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Purpose: To preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ; advise and guide believers in the right path; celebrate groups or individuals who have excelled at preaching, teaching, living, and demonstrating the true, undiluted word; win more souls for Christ; uplift humanity; and uphold the spirit of brotherhood.

English Name:

Plot 8353 Umokodo Street, Beside Dunamis Int'l Gospel Centre Checkpoint
Nyanya, Abuja 009

Country: Nigeria

Region: Africa

Year Founded: 2012

Circulation: 1,500

Audience: Christian and non-Christian

Date Updated: 09/24/15



Contact Person: Joseph A. Christopher

Publisher: Exploits Journal

Number of Pages: 24 to 34

Format: A4

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Evangelism, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, non-Christians

Language: English