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Purpose: To foster unity among Men and Women of God and Church members to spread and read the Word of God and to be in one fold, one shepherd. We stand as a gap to those that are in one way or the other unable to be in the Church activities by taking Christ to them through this publication. We are intermediary between Men/Women of God, Church members and other Christians outside every Ministry/Commission.

English Name:

HB32, White House, National Assembly Annex Federal Capital Territory

Country: Nigeria

Region: Africa

Year Founded: 2009

Circulation: 1,000

Audience: All Christians. Church leaders and members in the Church, Business places, Motor park, Government parastatals, Paramilitary Organizations, Embassies, etc.

Date Updated: 09/30/15



Contact Person: Femi D. Olawoye

Publisher: Christendom Mediaserve Nigeria Limited

Number of Pages: 64

Format: A4

Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: Community, Evangelism, Scripture Teaching

Audience: Christians, Church Leadership

Language: English