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Campus Link

Purpose: Campus Link intends to educate, edify, and create awareness on biblical truths and practical living while staying relevant in our times. It motivates students to live out the Bible in campuses as dynamic witnesses.

English Name:

UESI 19/10 Millers Road, Kilpauk
Chennai, 600 010

Country: India

Region: Asia

Year Founded: 1954

Circulation: 2,700

Audience: Believing students in colleges and graduates involved in student ministry with Union of Evangelical Students of India.

Date Updated: 11/10/21


Telephone: '+91-442-643-3754 or +91-442-642-1478

Contact Person: Jessy Jacob

Publisher: Saji Easo

Number of Pages: 32

Format: A5

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Purpose: Scripture Teaching, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, Students, Youth

Language: English