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Bup Sembiang Genap Hari

Purpose: To nurture and strengthen readers in the Christian faith.

English Name: The Upper Room (Iban Ed.)

18 Jalan Island P.O. Box 155
Sibu, Sarawak 96007

Country: Malaysia

Region: Asia

Year Founded: 1999

Circulation: 700

Audience: Church members, pastors, and then secular market.

Date Updated: 09/23/15


Telephone: +60-84-330-764

Contact Person: Pilor Ngindan

Publisher: The Methodist Church in Malaysia

Number of Pages: 68-70

Format: 5 x 6.5 in.

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Purpose: Community, Spiritual Growth

Audience: Christians, General, non-Christians

Language: English, Iban