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    From Adobe to Affinity: Benefits of transitioning to a new design software

    Have you ever considered changing the design software you use for your publication? It can be intimidating. Discover the pros and cons of switching from Adobe Creative Suite to [...]

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The essentials of magazine publishing

Are you thinking of creating or relaunching a magazine? You probably have lots of questions about where to start, how to build an audience, what's [...]


Digital Media Con 2.0

DigitalMediaCon 2.0 is a three-day online conference focusing exclusively on digital media and marketing for Christian communicators. The event is produced by the Evangelical Press [...]

Scripting short videos

In a world where we increasingly communicate through visual images, it is important to be able to express your message and your story, through film. [...]

Atelier pratique de lancement d’un magazine

Il s'agira d'un atelier pratique d'une journée à inscription limitée pour les participants au cours d'Introduction à la publication d'un magazine (IPM) qui envisagent de [...]

Hands-on magazine startup workshop

This will be a limited enrollment one-day hands-on workshop for participants in the Introduction to Magazine Publishing (IMP) Course who are planning to start or [...]

Introduction à la publication d’un magazine

Rejoignez Magazine Training International dans notre suite du programme MTI en Afrique avec une conférence au Ghana en octobre 2022 ! Découvrez les étapes essentielles [...]

Introduction to magazine publishing course

Join Magazine Training International as we continue the MTI in Africa program with a conference in Ghana in October 2022! Learn the essential steps for [...]

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