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New Publishing Effort Targets Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian women

The challenges many Bulgarian women face are familiar to Gabi Madjarova (left): balancing work with piles of laundry and dirty dishes, paying bills and juggling time for family. The 30-something mother of four is already known for her family life column in MP’s Leah Magazine. When her first book launches in early 2015, it will…

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Introducing Vashti Woman magazine

new Christian magazine

India’s new Christian magazine reaches “forgotten women.” “I had given up reading women’s magazines because they are all just trash,” wrote Shakuntala. “But at the clinic I saw your magazine and I read it cover to cover. It’s a great magazine for women,” she said. “There is none like it in our whole country.” They…

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Dabira magazine impacts women around the world


“Every time I read from Dabira magazine it gives me a sense of purpose as a woman,” a reader who has been through a difficult marriage and abuse wrote. “My confidence has increased and my trust in God got better.” Lara Odebiyi, founder and editor of Dabira magazine in Nigeria, finds this message encouraging and…

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